Winter days and the Confluence of Fresh Hopes

“You’ll never speak from heart to heart, Unless it rises up from your heart’s space.” Goethe

This post has the advantage of being actually timely. After months of thinking about it and working toward it, I have finally launched my etsy shop for ‘Heartwish Jewelry Design’. But all this time my fingers have been busy weaving together some new designs I’m excited to show you. 

Heartwish is a name that reflects the fact that I’ve always had a desire to create, weave, stitch, or in some way take beautiful elements and put them together in a way that reflects my own design aesthetic. 

Baroque pendant by heartwish

My sweet Grandma Josie loved to make quilts and rag rugs and pretty dresses for her granddaughters. Like her, I find a deep satisfaction in working with my hands. In fact, sometimes I catch a glimpse of my hands in a new way when I am concentrating on taking a tiny stitch and think–‘Grandma!’–because, just for a moment, it seemed my hands were hers.

I hope you will come visit my new little shop on etsy and find something there that will speak to your heart!

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