It seems like one hundred conversations, or more, since we last visited. I have had many things I wanted to share, and have missed our conversations, however one sided they may have seemed at times. You know how I love to blather on about flowers…trains…books…particularly books.

But there has been a ‘bizzyness’ of late…

There has been a kitchen remodel (with celebratory chocolate cake)…


Chocolate cake is always worth another look, don’t you think?


Speaking of looks…there have been rides in the country and long loving looks…(this is Fitz)


There have been squirrels that we have annoyed, Fitz and I….


There have been strangely awesome flower sightings in the middle of winter…


There have been miles of thread, yarn, and snarled impossibilities turned into enchanting possibilities….IMG_9708

There have been flowers…(always flowers)…IMG_9720 IMG_9734

There has been a sorting, cleaning and revitalizing of my desk. This one is particularly sweet, because now I can find my space.

My words.

My one hundred conversations. I hope you’re still there, listening.IMG_9987

9 thoughts on “One Hundred Conversations

    • I’m so glad you stopped by, Jane–I look forward to getting my reading, writing and picture taking juices flowing again! And it was fun getting to reflect on some of the high points of the recent winter. :o)

  1. Amazing bead work…can’t wait to see how the jewelry piece will look after finishing it. Great work.
    P.S. Wonderful flowers, too! 🙂

  2. What a lovely post. Among other things, I’d like to know if you make the lovely jewelry pictured. Incredible work. I wandered over here via your link in your other blog, which was also very intriguing. Thanks for all there was to see and think about in both of them.

    • Hello Judy! Yes, I’m here…just finally getting another post ready to go. And I do make the jewelry; that is one of my passionate interests that I love to think, write about and do; another reason I need to consolidate my writing.Thank you so much for writing. I hope you’ll stick around. I have lots in the works for this spot. :o)

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