kitchen chandelierTo a Chandelier

You mesmerize with brilliance
Subtle glints of light
ignite the mind
to flames of possibility

All from a single lightbulb
a miracle of low voltage
and glass fragments
I should learn such economy

This is a different take on an old prompt…see here for another take on it that I wrote last year. My short and breezy Pollyanna Press site is going away, at some point in the future when I can actually work on this project of housekeeping…and eventually some of the posts will make their way to this little place, where we shall welcome them with a bit of refurbishing, a warm mug of spiced wine, and some fuzzy slippers. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Chandelier

  1. I love it! Although in our down-turning economy things are getting tighter and tighter, the needful soul must still refract the light of creativity. So what a perfect word image. Green bulbs with baroque aspirations! 🙂 Sounds like my life…

    • I wanted to try this in the Occitan sonnet form we talked about…but the old brain cells couldn’t fire…ha. Hence, the idea of a ‘sparkling chandelier’ came to mind…it does so much with so little wattage. 🙂 As to creativity, my dear, you will always be firing on all cylinders.

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