There is too much headboard for this entryway….


And it’s not the first time. This king-sized headboard, of solid rosewood, has a story that began long before it came to me. It belonged to a former American ambassador, and, in her spirited company, it had traveled to many beautiful residences around the world.

But, since her death, it has been in my possession, now to endure several less exalted moves, cramped entry-ways, and pleading demands by sweaty exasperated movers to ‘just cut it in half’.

“Oh, no,” I say, knowing full well I am about to break the spirit of several sturdy young men. And I think of that lovely woman, in her windswept house by the sea, and her sad, sad death. “We can’t cut it.”

So it survived intact, once again. A narrow escape for this old beauty.

Stories. My house is full of them.

In case you are a fan of the movie Laura…and Waldo Lydecker…we love to reference the dialogue… as here, (tongue in cheek, of course):

“It’s lavish, but we call it home.”

The inimitable Waldo Lydecker

‘I shall never forget the weekend Laura died.

A silver sun burned through the sky like a huge magnifying glass.

It was the hottest Sunday in my recollection.

I felt as if I were the only human being left in New York.

For with Laura’s horrible death, I was alone.

I, Waldo Lydecker…

was the only one who really knew her…

and I had just begun to write Laura’s story when…

another of those detectives came to see me.

I had him wait.

I could watch him through the half-open door.

I noted that his attention was fixed upon my clock.

There was only one other in existence…

and that was in Laura’s apartment…

in the very room where she was murdered.

Careful there. That stuff is priceless.

Come in here, please.

Mr. Lydecker?

Ah, you recognize me. How splendid.

Sit down, please.

Nice little place you have here, Mr. Lydecker.

It’s lavish, but I call it home.’

WP photochallenge ‘narrow‘.

7 thoughts on “Narrow Escape

    • Yay, Garry–another Laura enthusiast! Oh, the theme by David Raksin is gorgeous! I have the sheet music for it somewhere…Need to find it. Such beautiful chords. I can almost quote all of Waldo Lydecker’s lines by heart. 🙂 Great writing. Thanks so much for stopping in!

      • I have “Laura” taped from its most recent airing on TCM. I watch it almost every time they run it. Plus, I have the DVD. I used the Raksin/Raskin (SP?) theme often decades ago in my then career on radio. It’s haunting. They did a remake for TV with Robert Stack and Dana Wynter but it couldn’t touch the ’44 original. Who would’ve thought Otto Preminger could make such a beautiful film?

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