7 thoughts on “Breathe: A Poem

  1. I loved the poem but also the style of poetry, what is it called again, I have forgotten? It made me breathe and it inspires me to write….loved the line I need to feel myself in your thunder…..off to breathe.

    • Thank you! I need to be reminded of what they call this style, too; each line increases by a syllable up to ten then back down again. It is an interesting way to intensify imagery!

  2. That is megalogorgeous! I love hearing the voice of the idea/feeling/moment exploding in its intensity of desire to be defined and communicated. It perfectly captures that wonderful moment when one absolutely must be the conduit. The overwhelming wave that makes one write!

    Above and beyond that, I love the air — it does sound pre-raphaelite. But rather than over ornamented in melodrama , it’s filled with sheer elegant power.

    Rebecca, write more syllabic poetry. You were meant to. This also is your medium. 💕

  3. I believe this form is called Etheree. An extra syllable per line from 1 to 10. Or from 10 to 1. Maybe 1 to 10 to 1 is a Double Etheree

    Pyramid poems are the same idea but by number of words per line.

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