Wise you are
your leafy drifts
cluster at the base

of endless trees
they mark where time
has passed
and will pass again 

This silken canopy
you, November

will change into
a dark elixir
falling once again
to another dimension

where roots can draw strength
from your richness
Ah November sky
you have opened
new portals onto mystery

it is at your strong bidding that I see
( your steely skies insistent)

these branching traceries
of stark silhouette
promise green days and renewal 

like breezes, a sweet return 
to where now I stand
gazing up
at November
and wisdom


4 thoughts on “Wise November

  1. You have such a way with words. As if you use brush and palette knife on our minds eye to see what you see. A beautiful gift to you that you share. Thank you.

  2. I appreciated your thought of mystery being in November skies…..I really feel that this year, it is warm here in the middle, the trees are mostly bare but there still is a mystery of how long will the blue stay warm and the trees soft in the autumn sun….I was looking up, I feel the blue!

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