Framed In Shadow


Conversations framed
Time in capture
Kept forever

Words tumble out
Bathed in summer light
warmed in sighs

Life is here
But grief was strong
and came unwanted

Boundaries of time
Surmounted with ease
(for we were young then, too)

Still the nameless thing
Goes unanswered 
The frame awaits

Eagerly we listen
With every breath we listen
Each pause is scoured

As we listen
For those distant sounds
Of heart to heart

A response to the WP Photo Challenge; as I went through my photos I realized (not being a professional photographer) that I hardly ever frame pictures in a linear way. This shot was an attempt to frame (my style) the subject with shadows, and use the shadows as part of the subject.

(It also reflects the fact that I am preparing for a special reunion of friends this weekend.)