Book Notes: The Library

Some of you may remember that I moved last summer. The settling in continues, but a milestone has finally been achieved. I thought I would update those of you who have asked.

‘How are the bookshelves doing?’

These bookshelves were too tall, as we went from nine foot ceilings to standard ceilings. Although it broke my heart, the bookshelves had to have a foot sawed off…it was that or not use them at all, which was unacceptable. Some of these shelves are double-stacked, to make up the difference. And I did have to cull some books. (ugh)

Yes, you are seeing two sets of Britannicas. Ever since I was little, I wanted a set of Encyclopedia Britannicas. (I was not into dolls) Eventually I acquired the famous 19ll set (which you see on the left, the handy ‘small’ edition) and a set of 1938. These are more than curiosities or anachronisms to me; they provide a wealth of fascinating information.

For example, in the 1938 edition, a small, insignificant paragraph given to Hitler, but pages of tiny print devoted to The Hittites. What Hitler did might seem more relevant to today’s reader than what the Hittites did, but, eventually, all those blustery types disappear into a footnote and a fragment of dust.


So here you see….the process and transformation. The real transformation is interior….me, that is.

I feel at home now.

The Discover Challenge for the last week had to do with mixing media; I love the new Canva app, and have used it often. Here is a favorite quote, using a photo of my library. When it comes to book quotes, there is an embarrassment of riches, but I think Wilde’s comment has some truth to it.